Clickable Adventures #1

Helen Oyeyemi, by Kate Gavino of Last Night's Reading.

The Internet turned 25 years old this week! Here's a handful of links I've loved over the past few days to celebrate the 'Net's birthday.

A little wooden automaton that mimics the effect of a raindrop hitting water. Mesmerising. 

The descent of a camera. Super trippy. Can't quite tell if it's real or not...

Yoga with Mandy Ingber that'll make you happy. Fitsugar's 10-minute workouts are joyous, and perfect for lazy girls like me. 

Cards that magically bloom into flowers when planted, from the wonderful Oh Happy Day. Wouldn't these be sweet as wedding favours?

Last Night's Reading. Quotes combined with sketched portraits from readings, by Kate Gavino. Makes me wish I could draw!

Happy Friday everyone - what do you have in store this weekend? I might take a little trip into one of our neighbouring villages on Sunday if the weather holds out :)

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