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It might seem like all I do in life is munch on pizza and burgers. And that's because I do. They're damn tasty. This time last week, I had a fairly good excuse for a fast-food outing, which was Mr. Hyde's National Burger Day. I'd been hungrily eyeing up all the restaurants participating in Mr. Hyde's 20% discounts for days, and when Wednesday finally came, I dragged Alex along to Lebanese export BRGR.CO on Wardour Street. Brace yourself for grainy iPhone pictures of delicious meat 'n' buns!

I won't lie, it was pretty hard to look another burger in the face with Honest Burgers and all their rosemary-flavoured, salty deliciousness still fresh in my mind. But I was willing to give BRGR.CO a chance all the same.

We ordered drinks to start. I'd just come from a leaving do at work experience where the wine had been flowing plentifully, so decided to add to the slight haze by ordering a G&T. A, meanwhile, stayed nice and sober with a homemade lemonade.

The concept here is that you construct your own personal burger, starting by choosing the weight and grade of meat you want, and then picking all the extra frills you want with it. This means that if you're not a toppings fan, you can buy a plain burger here for a paltry £4.95. Both Alex and I selected the 6oz 'Tender Blend' at £7.95 and chose various cheeses to go on top (Gruy√®re for him, Danish blue for me). 

You also quite literally build your burger. Here's mine pre-vegetables...

...and post-vegetables! Definitely needed to cut through the meat and cheese.

We also picked special chips to go with our burgers - flamin' chilli fries accompanied by chilli con carne and paprika for the heat lover, and parmesan truffle fries for me. I can never resist truffle oil, even if it is a mere shadow of the real thing...

I'm a fan of the presentation on paper with a tray - it encourages the diner to abandon any pretence that they're on an elegant, restrained outing with friends or a date, and just get totally messy.

The burgers were delicious enough to completely polish off, but Alex and I did agree that they were too moist - Alex's one subsided into a pool that he had to finish off with his knife and fork (a travesty!) and mine insisted on dripping down my wrist. The other problem was that service was pretty slow, but once the manager realised that we were waiting to pay the bill, he came over and served us himself. 

Plumbing and delay issues aside, the burgers were very tasty and discounted, and so I'd probably return to BRGR.CO next time I'm craving a burger in Soho. Although Honest Burgers is in the same neck of the woods. As is Burger & Lobster. And a nice cheap Byron. Hmmm... First world burger problems, anyone?

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