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November Favourites

December is here! *insert bemused gripe about time flying here.* And this is my hundredth post - can you believe it? November was packed and December is shaping up to be even more hectic, meaning I've only managed to post once or twice a week lately. Even so, I'm still enjoying this little space of mine and am thinking about how to improve it next year.

November absolutely galloped past me. Despite feeling that it was so brief, I still have lots of moments to share with you. This month I've enjoyed...

Picking up a free pumpkin from behind King's Cross the day after Halloween and spending all day transforming it into a pie! 

Missing my tube stop once or twice thanks to a certain podcast. I was a few weeks late to the Serial party, but as soon as I tuned in I was hooked. MihoLuluLisa (fantastic bloggers all three!) and I were chatting about this on Twitter and we're all unhealthily hooked. Truly compelling listening. Go and check it out for yourself! Tamsin Lim takes no responsibility for the addiction that may or may not ensue following episode one.

Discovering a quiet little rooftop lunch spot just a stone's throw from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, overlooked by a monumental Ukrainian Church. How did I not know about this place? It's a bit too cold to eat outside now, but I'm keeping this in mind for next summer!

Melting over the most adorable hedgehog video from Wildlife Aid. So cute, and the graphics are beautiful! Makes me want to help urban hedgehogs (and possibly adopt a domesticated one?)

Jumping up and down with excitement at the first frost. Yes, I'll technically have been an adult for a full five years as of tomorrow, but I'll be a winter child forever! The novelty will wear off as soon as my dad needs me to de-ice the car.  

De-frazzling my brain at the end of the day with various cinematic and televised delights. In particular I enjoyed Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, which ticked all my boxes where it came to drama, sci-fi genre and a dying Earth. Noisy, with jawdropping visuals and hints of 2001, I felt as if I was in a rocket or flight simulator. I also binged on Les Revenants - not your typical TV show about the walking dead... And lately I've been watching Remember Me, another creepfest about a vengeful ghost that seems intent on wreaking havoc across Yorkshire! 

Allowing myself to be bewitched by the Christmas windows. Every year my family drive down to Oxford Street to check out the Liberty and Selfridges Christmas displays, and this year is a good 'un - with a sparklingly enchanted forest at Selfridges, and nautical-themed windows at Liberty that tie in with their history, the shop having been constructed from the timbers of two ships!

Skywatching more than usual. The morning light has been amazing this month, and the cold weather always brings interesting cloud formations with it. I thought this particular sky looked almost like marble.

Guzzling all the chai lattes I can get my mitts on. Not like proper chai tea at all but made using a chai-flavoured syrup, they're milky, frothy and sweet, and the perfect way to ease into the afternoon, I think. I find the ones from EAT, Timberyard and Gail's particularly comforting.

Noodling my way across London and the North. Yup, this was truly Noodvember. (Can you tell I'm all about the neologisms today?) I ate tonkotsu ramen at Bone Daddies, Tonkotsu Selfridges and United Ramen, and a very pleasant char kway teow at Tampopo in Manchester. Tampopo is a film about creating the ultimate bowl of noodles, so maybe finding perfect noodles will be my goal for 2015!

November, you were lovely, but December, I'm ready for you and the foodie carnage you're about wreak on my hapless, unwitting body. Because...I'm having four birthday dinners this month. That's right, folks - a waistband-expanding three celebratory meals this weekend and then another when my sister comes back from uni in a few weeks! And then, Christmas lunch, the mother of all festive foodie blowouts. Better factor some workouts into my goals post for this month...

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