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Catch-Up Time

Wow...it's been three months since my last catch-up post! Since then, spring has come and is now on its way out, replaced by capricious conditions that fluctuate between sweaty high summer and the chill of late autumn. My months have been similarly affected by whimsy, characterised by a marked lack of time but strangely, more socialising than I've done since graduation. I've really been loving building on old friendships as well as seeing new ones flourish. Spring feels like it has brought with it a new beginning - and a fresh sense of resolve. 

Over the past three months, I've been...

...welcoming in spring all over London, and revelling in the blossoms of April and May. Cliché, yes, but it's been genuinely exciting for me this time because I haven't managed to fully enjoy spring for about six years! It's always signalled exams to me, and the need to shut myself up in the nearest library to revise - so this year has felt liberating.

...finally trying out The Breakfast Club in Shoreditch for the first time. It was a mixed experience - I was a bit mopey about the fact that my chorizo hash browns didn't actually feature the crispy triangular hash browns that I love so much (seriously - I've had a borderline obsession with them since childhood) but rather fried potatoes. On the other hand, this spicy eggs benedict was basically created for Alex and he polished it off at the speed of light.

...continuing my career quest. Now that we're in May it's nearly crunch time for applications, and I have to admit that the stress is getting to me. Currently trying to keep my head up and do my best to learn as much about the profession as I can before the deadlines.

...baking chocolate chip cookies with Inez, which turned out to actually be quite yummy despite a host of near-disasters, like having no scales to measure our ingredients with (!) 

...returning to Honest Burgers, my favourite burger joint, to try out their Brindisa special - filled with succulent chorizo and soft manchego. Seriously so yummy!

...exploring sections of the V&A previously unknown to me, like the amazingly extensive ironwork gallery. I'll be back here at the end of this month to see Savage Beauty. I've been trying to avoid all the reviews from fellow bloggers since I want to view the exhibition with fresh eyes, but suffice to say - I am so excited to see it!

...trying out afternoon tea at the Magazine, housed in the amazing structure designed by Zaha Hadid that's connected to the Serpentine Sackler Gallery. Everything about this place screams beauty, from the sinuous curves of the architecture to the painstakingly crafted bites, but unfortunately the general atmosphere didn't wow me. Perhaps this was because the selection is supposed to be based on 'wellness' (and I'm a glutton who'd prefer an array of creamy cakes), and perhaps because the service, like the interior of the building, seemed a little cold and detached. 

...finally meeting up with the lovely and intimidatingly bright Lisa. We went to see Isao Takahata's last Ghibli offering, Princess Kaguya, which was unsettlingly gorgeous and heartbreaking (no spoilers, but certain elements of the plot caused us to bawl our eyes out...) Post-movie, we went for a suitably Japanese dinner at Ippudo, drowning our sorrows in generous bowls of ramen and cocktails. My Midori-based drink complete with mountain plum was so good! And how cool is that bar base of instant ramen?

...basically asking for a hangover by attending a fun tequila tasting and masterclass, courtesy of Herradura at LAB! I used to attend cocktail masterclasses at the Cambridge Union back in the day, but my mixology skills are seriously rusty so I didn't even dare attempt to help with the cocktail-making! Perhaps next time I'll be braver...

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