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Solstice Snapshots

Yesterday was Midsummer, the longest day of the year (and subsequently the shortest night!) I spent it with my family and A, whiling away a couple of hours lying on a picnic blanket in the sunshine reading, helping out in the garden (I planted some white cosmos!) and cooking a delicious and simple solstice dinner of broadbean and tuna linguine, beef tomato salad and cannelloni with rosemary and olive oil. One of my favourite days of the summer so far! 

Here's some more enjoyable moments from the summer from the past fortnight that I'd like to share with you, as captured via Instagram and by my trusty SLR!

New white Converse purchased for the summer!

The first of the beetroots I planted in Easter being picked (albeit a bit prematurely - I got excited!) Love beetroots so much - they're so delicious! I'm gunning to make a chocolate beetroot cake this summer...

Being woken up at 4 AM by the sheer brilliance of the 'Honey Moon' - the June full moon, so called because of its low height at this time of the year, which causes it to look amber-reddish, or golden. 

A light lunch with fresh mint tea at Greenberry Café in Primrose Hill.

Pure seduction again at the Bread Ahead stall in Borough Market. Yes, I know...I'm obsessed. My family and I have since discovered the caramel filling and think it might possibly top the crème pâtissière...

A little preview of my May Week makeup (lots of posts to come on balls and the garden party next week!)

A blurry photo of the best dessert I've consumed so far this summer: maple tart with a ball of clotted cream at Polpetto. The tart was silky and divine when paired with the clotted cream. The rest of the meal was perfection, with special mention going to the burrata, strozzapetti and elderflower and gooseberry bellinis! A and I were dining out to celebrate the results I received on Friday - it looks like I'll be graduating from Cambridge next Saturday with a 2.i!

Hope you've been enjoying these long midsummer days too!

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