To Market, To Market

At the weekend, this little piggy went to market.

Two markets to be precise. Borough and Portobello.

I started the day off in London Bridge, at the famous Borough Market. My mother and I headed straight for Bread Ahead, a stall selling Justin Gellatly's amazing baked goods. Justin used to make the doughnuts for St. John Bread and Wine, but has now struck out on his own. Bread Ahead has therefore become the destination for the yummiest crème-patissière-filled doughnuts.

There's been a lot of doughnuts doing the rounds on my favourite blogs in the past week because of National Doughnut Day in the US on Friday. I figured that gave me free reign to buy a few. Or five.

I could easily eat another three to myself right now.

Delicious Comté cheese. I adore this stuff. Bought a slice to go with Sunday brunch.

Borough is incredibly atmospheric. Firstly, it's situated underneath a railway track, so you get the vibrations and rumblings of the trains passing overhead. Secondly, it feels like you've stepped into a little piece of London history. Borough is an ancient fruit and vegetable market, first appearing in written records around 1276 but purportedly trading centuries before; it reminds the visitor of its illustrious history with old signs and gorgeous Victorian glass and ironwork in the main body of the market.

Classic British fare of fish finger butties and chips.

Piles of Turkish delight.

Borough may have been colonised by 21st century foodies, but there are still mountains and mountains of beautiful fresh produce to be explored and enjoyed.

A chorizo roll from Brindisa for lunch.

The buildings around the market area are equally characterful. Old warehouses and beer factories have taken on a dilapidated hipster charm. 

I think the Notting Hill area is just as interesting as Southwark. This sky, featuring the edge of another run-down building, its paint peeling off, was my favourite shot of the day.

The wares for sale at Portobello Market are more in the region of human treasures than food (though there's a fair few food stalls too!) Antique binoculars, first-edition books, lace shawls from the 1920s - Portobello has it all.

A pair of comely tomes. 

The sister looking very serious with a lovely bunch of coconuts. Or jelly nuts, as they're marketed here. The guy who hacks the tops off of these has terrifying knife skills. Bits of coconut fly everywhere. But it's worth watching him because wandering through Portobello sipping on delicious coconut water is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 

I love market days. 

Borough and Portobello, I'll be back soon! I'm already hankering after those Bread Ahead doughnuts...

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