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Honest Burgers and Tragic Opera

Alex's current show, the great tragic opera La Traviata by Verdi, premiered at Soho Theatre a fortnight ago. Alex wore his dinner jacket, his performance uniform, and I dolled up in the full-length dress I wore to St. John's May Ball, for a night at the opera.

But first, burgers.

Honest Burgers is on Meard Street, a mere stone's throw from Soho Theatre, so Alex and I decamped there for some delicious meat and carbs to tide us over during the performance. 

We both ordered the Cheese with Stilton, and extra backyard mayo - a ramped-up condiment to accompany the famously delectable chips, generously seasoned with rosemary salt. 

Can't help feeling hungry every time I see that photo. A really top-notch burger, one of the best I've had in London for sure.

We walked back to the theatre along Meard Street, home to one of the best door plaques in London.

Also some of the prettiest looking inner-city houses that A and I were lusting after.

And then it was showtime. This was my first time seeing La Traviata performed and, as always when I've listened to a show soundtrack before seeing it live, it was wonderful to see the plot weaving together. 

There was some truly amazing talent in the cast and band, just one of four casts and three bands which rotate most nights. As is standard with Opera Up Close, the company Alex works with, the giant orchestra usually typical to a Royal Opera House or ENO performance of a work like Traviata has been stripped down to a grand piano, clarinet and cello, meaning that the vocalists are given more room to shine in the small venue. Louisa Tee, playing the doomed courtesan Violetta, especially sparkled on stage, with her sassy attitude and stunning, technically strong vocals. I also loved the decadent Roaring Twenties flavour of the wardrobe and set. 

After La Traviata came celebratory opening night drinks in the bar downstairs, mixing with Alex's theatre buddies and a big cuddle to say well done!

La Traviata has deservedly had some fantastic reviews - The Stage said it 'hit all the right notes' - and I urge anyone with an interest in drama and music to go and see it before it closes on 14th September! You can read more about the show on the Soho Theatre website here

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