Monthly Goals: August

We're already four days into August! What on earth happened to the last eight months? It feels like just yesterday that I was squeezing through the crowd on the Embankment, craning my head to see the New Year fireworks. This month I've decided to take a leaf out of Bee's book with her very inspiring Goals series. July was wonderful, but in my new unemployed graduate state, I've decided that it definitely can't hurt to structure my time a little more. Here's a few things I want to prioritise this month.

•Do at least one 10-minute workout every day•
I used to cycle every day at Cambridge, but ever since moving home (and leading a far more sedentary lifestyle), I've been noticing the weight creeping on. I really need to sort this out and get my fitness levels back to where they used to be! I think the FitSugar 10-minute workout videos are great- once I've convinced myself to do one, I often end up doing at least two or three. Yep, I'm just lazy.

•Improve my driving skills - start studying for my theory test•
I've finally started learning to drive and now I need to up my game in terms of theory, so I can understand what my instructor's talking about every time I'm allowed behind the wheel!

•Focus on the job hunt•
It's only been a month since I started the internship/job hunt, but I've been finding it difficult sometimes to remain confident. This month I want to keep my head up and apply for as many jobs as I can, aiming for at least five quality applications a week. We'll see if that's optimistic by next month...

•Read five books•
I've read two already here in Turkey (I Am Pilgrim and Red Rising), but I want to knock a few more off my giant TBR pile at home! I'd particularly like to read one book that I deem a classic. 

I'll report back on how I've been doing at the beginning of September (eek!) What's on your agenda for August? I'd love to hear what goals you're hoping to accomplish this month!

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