A Buzzworthy Wishlist

Honeybee season is well and truly over. I glimpsed one last hive straggler buzzing weakly around some wilting flowers at the weekend, but I imagine that as the days get colder and darker, most of our British bees will be dying off or going into hibernation. Having been on a beekeeping course this summer, I'm a big fan of the little guys (gals) and thought I'd pull together a short Apis-related wishlist to celebrate their year of hard work. I've thrown in one of my recent reads, Laline Paull's The Bees, a darkly dystopian yet almost completely biologically correct fictional account of life in the hive - there's a review on the way!

(above, in clockwise order)

Okay, so that Alex Monroe ring is probably just a tad unattainable pricewise. I'll probably consign it to my 'in my dreams' secret wishlist board on Pinterest. So pretty and delicate! Do you get a buzz out of any of these items?

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