Monthly Goals: October

It's October, and our Indian summer has abruptly been replaced by torrential rain, a chill in the air and cold, bright light with little warmth. Autumn's finally here, and with it, a new host of goals to set myself this month. 

But first, let's look at how I did on my goals for last month:


• Cook 5 new dishes - Done...kind of? 
Off the top of my head, I think I cooked four dishes I'd never attempted before - an easy tomato and beef pasta bake, roast poussins, crab and fennel pasta and a spicy vegetable stir fry. Five, if you count the chocolate and pecan cookies I posted about - though I'm not sure they quite count as a meal in themselves ;) 

• Continue to pursue my love of learning - Done!
This was great! I went to a talk on apps building and website design (and while I didn't learn loads about the process, it was interesting to learn about the career trajectories of the speakers). I've also been beavering away at my Duolingo, revising my rusty French, Italian and German, and getting my Spanish up to level six. 

• Get serious about yoga - Done! 
I think I'm getting better at yoga, slowly but surely. I've been practising a Vinyasa flow a few times a week, helping me to ease into the mornings and wind down in the evenings, and hopefully it's bringing me some inner calm as well as balance. I haven't managed to get my hands on a yoga mat yet, but once I've saved a bit of money I'll buy one!

• Spend more time with my friends - Done!
I spent a lot more time reconnecting with old friends this month. I enjoyed some amazing homemade treats and excellent champagne with a couple of my Cambridge friends at a housewarming party. I fell in love with Broadway Market accompanied by Jess. I saw Inez for some good old-fashioned Ghibli watching (Totoro!) and some calligraphy. And I had a good old catch-up with four friends from school. It was so lovely to see everyone and spend time with people who I have so much in common with - and made me realise that regularly seeing people other than my family and boyfriend isn't as scary as I made myself believe.

I think I was fairly good with my goals this month, and hope to continue with all of them even though September has come to an end, especially the spending time with friends, practising yoga and continuing to learn. Now let's have a look at what I've got planned for this October!


• Apply for 5 jobs per week 
The job search continues, and this month I've got four weeks of work experience scheduled at various places. I'm usually exhausted when I come back after a day at my placement and liable to want to lie down with a book or my laptop, so I want to set myself the goal of five applications per week to ensure that my job hunt keeps on ticking away and I don't let October slip away from me.

• Read 5 scary novels! 
To gear myself up for Halloween this month I want to read five scary books! I'll be reading at least one Stephen King novel as well as The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes, and have yet to decide on the other three. If anyone has any recommendations for any horror, thriller or true crime novels, please let me know and I'll add it to my list :)

• Continue to learn Spanish 
I'm really enjoying learning espaƱol on Duolingo and am currently on a 13-day streak. This month I aim to continue that streak and practice and learn new grammar and vocab every day for the rest of the month. 

• Get rid of things I don't need 
It's a new season, so this month I'll be clearing my wardrobe of summer clothes I didn't wear this year, as well as throwing out battered shoes and anything else that's cluttering my room, including the unpacked boxes that have been floating around my room since I moved back from uni in June. 

• Build up my stamina 
I have the worst stamina in the world. I'm also prone to hyperbole. I probably have the worst stamina in my house, anyway - when I run down the street (to catch a train, usually!) I'm usually left red in the face and panting like an overexcited puppy. I'd like to change that this month by factoring some short runs into my routine. Slow and steady...

What have you challenged yourself to do this month?

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