25 Before 25

One week ago I turned 22 and a half. Hey, these milestones are important when your birthday is so near to Christmas that people amalgamate the two! It made me realise that I've come to the halfway point between 20 and 25, two extremely different ages. The former is associated with student life, departure from the teenage years and one year away from traditional adulthood, while I'd say the latter is very much rooted in the adult world of work and 'real life'.

I thought that to commemorate this in-between age, I'd share 25 things I'd like to accomplish before I actually turn 25. It's only three candles away, after all! I've seen a few lists like this on other blogs, and although I can't remember exactly where, I'd like to thank all the bloggers who've inspired me to sit down and think about my ambitions. I'll try and come back to this list occasionally over the next few years (!) to see how I'm doing at ticking the points off, and will post it as a page so you can check my progress!

Updated January 2016...

1. Graduate from Cambridge.  - done!

2. Get a paid full-time job! - Training contract secured for 2017, so...kind of done!

3. Teach myself calligraphy.

4. Learn 3 constellations to point out in the night sky.

5. Learn to drive.

6. Learn to cook 10 dishes. - done!

7. Take up the piano again and learn at least one new piece.

8. Have a relationship that lasts more than 3 years - done!

9. Take singing lessons.

10. Work out an exercise routine. 

11. Go back to Malaysia for a holiday and see my grandparents.

12. Buy a piece of art.

13. Improve my Italian to conversational level and revisit Florence with Alex.

14. Get a pet!

15. Travel to at least one country I haven't been to before.

16. Teach myself basic hiragana and conversational Japanese.

17. Revisit New York City.

18. Open a regular savers' account.

19. Move out of my family home.

20. Watch these movies:
The Godfather - done!
Pulp Fiction
Star Wars - done!
Citizen Kane - done!
The Breakfast Club
The 400 Blows

21. Read these classics:
Moby Dick
Anna Karenina
Great Expectations
The Sun Also Rises
Love In The Time of Cholera
The Grapes of Wrath
Cat's Cradle
Heart of Darkness

22. Eat at these places:
Polpetto - done!
Shoryu Ramen - done!
Flat Iron
Bocca di Lupo
The Delaunay - done!
Ember Yard - done!
The Modern Pantry - done!

23. Learn to use manual mode on my camera.

24. Have a go at sketching and using watercolours. 

25. Have a 'staycation' and travel somewhere in Britain.

That's it for now! Hopefully this list will help me to use the next two and a half years wisely. It feels like I was twenty only two minutes ago, so time really does fly!

What things would you like to accomplish by a certain age? Do you think bucket lists are a good idea?

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