Monthly Goals: November

It's already November 6th and I can't believe how quickly this month, let alone the year, is speeding by. Last night I watched the local fireworks from the comfort of my living room. And with Bonfire Night comes the one month mark until my birthday! (Get ready for me to blabber on about this all month long, people - I bloody love December. Might have something to do with all my presents for the year coming at once...) And before my birthday I'm always itching to do a little self-improvement. So let's get down to business! As usual, first we'll see how I did on my goals from last month *quakes*. This is just like Parents' Evening all over again...


• Apply for 5 jobs per week 
Ok, this one went down the drain as soon as I started my work placements. Penguin and Blue Rubicon were really fun, but I was so swamped that I ended up crawling home exhausted every night, probably more tired than I was during finals. I applied for a couple but nowhere near as many as 5 per week, so I'll be continuing with this goal this month. 

• Read 5 scary novels! 
I seem to be good at ticking off my book-related goals! I read my requisite 5 scary books, and you can see what I thought of them here. I kind of want to read at least one scary novel a month - they're so addictive!

• Continue to learn Spanish 
Again, this one went out of the window. I did fairly well towards the beginning of the month, racking up a 16 or 17 day streak with all my languages on Duolingo, but after I started suffering from the most stubborn cold ever (three weeks, guys - I need sympathy here!) the streak quickly fell by the wayside. I'm not going to let this one slide, though - I want to get my Spanish up to at least a basic level so this one is officially appearing on my goals list for a second month in a row.

• Get rid of things I don't need 
I've begun to clear my wardrobe of the summery things I didn't end up wearing this summer, and my bookcases are next. I have so many that they're spilling off my two floor-to-ceiling bookcases into piles on the floor, so I've started putting the rejects to one side to sell on Amazon or give to charity.

• Build up my stamina 
Another goal, another defenestration...I totally failed at factoring the promised runs into my routine, but I did manage to do a couple of workouts each week, so I think my stamina might have improved, if only by a little! I'm really interested in the nine week Couch to 5k plan though, as recommended by Lisa. This one isn't going to get swept under the rug!

So yes. I was a bit fail this month with my goals. I'll chalk it up to my lack of a regular schedule, running around town at two different work placements as well as starting a part-time job. Hopefully as soon as I have a stable routine I can put these goals into action! I'm going to cut myself a little slack this month and go for four instead of five: here's what I'd like to accomplish this month.


• Establish a regular blogging routine 
I didn't post as much as I wanted to in October and have ended up with a backlog of seven posts that really should have gone out last month (drat). I'm going to try posting three or four times a week to see if a Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday or a Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday schedule works best with my lifestyle.

• Teach myself how to use the manual setting on my Canon 
I'll come clean here: I completely suck at using manual. I'm lazy and usually just flip the settings to automatic or no flash. This month I'm going to look up YouTube and online tutorials to try and finally sort out how to use manual. If anyone knows any good tutorials, please link me to them - I'm so useless at using my camera properly!

• Try out 3 new things 
This one's a bit vague, I know. It's kind of a get-out-of-jail-free card for this month's goals, and might mean trying out a new restaurant or bar, attempting a brand new recipe or even learning a short new piano piece. I'll report back next month, hopefully feeling that I've mixed up my routine and been a bit daring in the interim!

• Persevere with Spanish 
I'm going to get back into Duolingo and continue to learn espaƱol! I really love languages and would love to add Spanish to my list. I found the vocab fairly easy to learn last month because of my Italian and French, but haven't quite got to grips with the grammar yet. Maybe one day I'll be as good as Beth and Sam...

What do you want to tick off your to-do list this November?

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