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Riverside Feast at Battersea Power Station

I'm a bit of a fan of Battersea Power Station. London definitely wouldn't be complete without its mammoth shadow over the Thames. Usually I don't have much of an excuse to visit it, but excitingly, there's a 'Power of Summer' pop-up park playing host to the Everyman Cinema and Street Feast right on the doorstep of this industrial behemoth at the moment, up until the 31st August. If you're in London make sure you pop down south for a visit before it's redeveloped into apartments. How cool would it be to live inside the Power Station?!

Jess and I were feeling peckish and decided to swing by Riverside Feast for a bite to eat and to perve on the industrial beauty of the surrounding area. Okay, maybe that last bit only applies to me...I gawked up at the mighty Power Station and reached for my trusty SLR straight away for a picture, then realised that I'd idiotically left my camera battery in its charger. So it's iPhone snaps all the way today, I'm afraid!

We made a beeline for the bar to quench raging thirsts brought on by stifling Tube and bus journeys. I had a whole pint of beer (I usually go for hobbit-sized half-pints so this was quite a feat for me!) 

What goes with beer? Dirty chicken, of course. We bought a plate of Orange Buffalo chicken wings. The meat is smothered in a bright orange, tangy sauce, accompanied by a puddle of blue cheese crack dip and a few sticks of celery, which I'm sure basically cancelled out the rest of the calories. This is messy, moreish food - perfect food for stuffing in your face as you're revving up with a good gossip with a friend you haven't seen in months. Our faces were practically orange by the time we'd finished.

We ran around the park shutterbugging with Jess's awesome Fujifilm Instax and making friends with randomers kind enough to take pictures (and have pictures taken themselves!)

Oh Battersea, you photogenic thing, you.

Next up? More food, of course...

Jess went for an amazing looking burger from Dip & Flip (see top of this post to see its droolworthiness captured in all its iPhone glory), while my poison of choice was a Nikkei salmon salad from Aji Ceviche. I was a wee bit disappointed that there wasn't more ceviche, as I'd expected a bed of salmon surrounded by the other ingredients. The quinoa and cholco corn made up for it though, and was pleased I chose this as my main as it was quite light, leaving ample room for...

Le Bun fries with truffle mayo! These were INCREDIBLE. Possibly contender for best fries I've eaten in my life! The fries were crisp and skinny, smothered in rich, hot truffle mayonnaise. The stuff of dreams.

I've fallen in love with this American Apparel skirt which I picked up a couple of weeks ago! It was pricey (as all AA products are) but I feel so breezy and happy when I'm wearing it. And I love the way it swishes around when I walk.

Finally the sun crept to the edge of the horizon for one of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen this summer, promising at least one more day of the hot weather we've been having. We Londoners have to embrace it - this is our short-lived summer!

Halo glow from the sunset!

Cheers for a fantastic evening, Street Feast! I'll be paying you another visit very soon. Next on my list is the Dalston Yard outpost...Summer is going a little bit too quickly for my liking!

What did you get up to this weekend?

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