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Jurassic Park At The Nomad Cinema

Isn't there's something special about sitting down beneath the starry sky to watch a film outdoors, American drive-in style? Okay, the sky's more likely to be orange from light pollution where I live in London, but you get the picture. The Nomad is an open-air cinema with a fantastic programme that roams London's green spaces every summer (hence the name), and it's wonderful. This year I dragged my lovely friends along to see one of my all-time faves at my local park, Jurassic Park. It needs no introduction, but the main reasons why I love it are that it has one of the best scores ever, a classic plot - if a tad inaccurate on the biological facts - and DINOSAURS. Oh, and David Attenborough's brother. What's not to like?

We laid out a picnic of our favourite movie snacks and drinks, including red wine, ciders, free beer and mini breadsticks supplied by the Nomad's partners, and sweet and salty popcorn. 

Deserving a special mention were the victuals provided by Jess in a fairytale wicker basket: gluten-free coconut macaroons from Gail's, vegan cupcakes in a dazzling assortment of flavours, and sparkling sake. Which we forgot to drink because we were all so keyed up by the film. In fact, alcohol didn't really enter the picture successfully at all because we were screaming so much. Crisps and popcorn did though. The very definition of stress eating.

We settled down for a lovely evening of bloodthirsty velociraptors, all huddled up in fuzzy blankets. If you're ever heading out to see outdoor cinema in the UK, grab a blanket. Best decision we made, seriously.

'Til next time, Nomad! I'm thinking of forcing someone to see outdoor Pulp Fiction with me in September, so maybe it won't be so long until we're reunited again.

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