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The Great British Summer

Put two Brits in a room together and it's likely that they'll immediately start up a conversation about the weather. We can't help it - when our meteorological conditions fluctuate this much, it's a genuine subject of interest! This year we've gone from almost-Mediterranean highs of 30ºC and blue skies to blustery days punctuated by heavy rain and…erm…hail. A typical British summer, in other words. 

What else is inevitable during our London summer?
1) Pimms. The taste of exam liberation and hopeful picnics for the last six years.
2) Men whipping their tops off at the first glimmer of sun.
3) Roasting at 35ºC+ temperatures on the Bakerloo line. Come on now, TfL...
4) 99p cones (that no longer cost 99p).
5) Barbecues!

We brought the old barbecue that's been lying dormant in the garage for the last twelve months out of retirement, gave it a good scrub down, and sent Dad out to the shop to buy firelighters. Or...er...coals. Whatever it is that makes heat in barbecues. I'm happy to leave those types of jobs to the menfolk.

The men are also allowed to do the things that I don't enjoy so much...like basting raw meat.

Someone caught the whiff of meat and fish cooking and wandered into our garden to get a slice of the action, rolling around in the vegetable patches to get our attention. This little cat has been a regular visitor this summer, playing with the plants, hiding behind the grape vines, searching for frogs in the plots. And I hear that she/he went into a neighbour's house the other day and went upstairs. Naughty.

Licking its lips. The tiger who came to tea?

Home-made satay on sticks, purple sweet potatoes, rolled-up Waitrose chorizo.

I love a good barbecue. Al fresco eatin' can't be beaten! And the smoke and delicious smells wafting through the garden are just the best, even if they do attract little feline friends... Especially because they do.

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