Goodbye, Summer!

I've said my goodbyes to August, and now it's time to bid farewell to the already distant summer, dear to me because it's the first one I've spent blogging more or less consistently. I like to think of this little blog as my online scrapbook, and thought it'd be nice to do a wrap up of the posts I've most enjoyed writing this season!

My first weekend of freedom from the shackles of academia. At the end of May, Alex and I went to a little pop-up food market and spent a day picnicking at Cambridge Botanic Gardens, just as summer made itself comfortable in England. I'm already nostalgic looking back at this post, craving the overwhelmingly happy sense of liberation I felt knowing I'd never have to do another exam.

In June I enjoyed my last ever crazy May Week at university, attending my college garden party, Jesus May Ball with Alex, and St. John's May Ball with my friend Imarin. 

At the end of June, I graduated from Cambridge with a 2.i. I had a wonderful time celebrating with my friends and family before and after the ceremony, commemorating the event 33 floors up at Hutong in the Shard. 

I did a lot of eating out this summer! Perhaps a little too much...*inspects waistline* My favourite eating experiences were the celebrity favourite Chiltern Firehouse, Mittel-European decadence at The Delaunay, incredible fish and chips at Hawksmoor Air Street, street food at Battersea Power Station Riverside Feast, and juicy patties with fragrant rosemary chips at Honest Burgers

I spent absolutely tons of time at London markets, whiling away many of my Saturdays perusing stalls laden with fresh produce and antiques. Here's a post I did on Borough and Portobello Road, two of my favourites.

Alex and I had lots of classy dates this summer. Or so we'd like to think. Highlights included going to see the new Studio Ghibli The Wind Rises (which I reviewed here), staying up til dawn at Jesus May Ball together, pottering around Marylebone's eateries and shops, an all-day date round London in the style of the early days of our relationship for Alex's birthday, signing up for a wonderful beekeeping course together in south London, and checking out Neanderthals and dinosaurs at The Natural History Museum

Finally, I was only too eager to escape from Britain this summer, first embarking on les vacances in Paris with Alex and then holidaying in Bodrum, Turkey with my family. Here's parts un, deux and trois of Paris, and parts one, two and three of Bodrum.

I hope that I can keep sharing my memories with you on this humble blog! Hopefully I'll be able to improve this little space of mine over the upcoming months, while coming up with good content. It makes me so happy to see that people are actually reading and commenting on these posts, as the blog was only ever supposed to be a way of gathering my thoughts and pictures for the future. It really means a lot, so thank you so much! 

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