Monthly Goals: September

Time flies horrifyingly quickly, doesn't it? The hour to update you on my monthly goals is nigh, and I've got that lurching feeling in my stomach as I confront last month's list, similar to how I felt walking into school for parents' evening. Here's how I did on my August goals...


• Do at least one 10-minute workout every day •
Ok, this fell by the wayside a bit. In Turkey I swam every day and squeezed half-hour workouts in where possible, but on returning home exercise became a bit more sporadic. I reckon once I've started a permanent job I'll be more used to incorporating short workouts into my everyday routine, and might join a gym or buy some proper running gear once I've got the funds to do so. 

• Improve my driving skills - start studying for my theory test •
Money's been a bit of an issue this month - the glamour of being unemployed after uni! - so I had to drop this one as soon as my 10 lessons (bought as a birthday present) dried up. Luckily there's no great rush for me to drive, so for the next little while I'll content myself with saving up for my next installment of lessons and looking over the theory DVD I bought from DVLA.

• Focus on the job hunt - Done! 
Last month I said I'd try applying for as many jobs as possible to see how many would be realistic per week, a figure that's ended up at about 3 or 4. It's quite a daunting process, but I've had some good work experience this month which has given me the confidence to apply for some roles I wouldn't have plucked up the courage to approach before. This one will continue on the sidelines until I'm an employed woman!

• Read five books - Done! 
I'm happy to say I did this one easily (though it was more a present to myself rather than an actual goal)! I read I Am Pilgrim, Red Rising, Life After Life and Eeny Meeny while in Turkey, then went on to read Brick Lane, Seven Ages of Paris, The Maze Runner, J'Aime London, The Secret Place, The Garden of Evening Mists, Smiler's Fair and The Plague. That's twelve books this month, which I'm happy with.

So I went a bit wonky this month and overachieved on the books, just about ticked off the focus on the job hunt after spending a few weeks at Random House, but was pretty rubbish at exercising and driving. A new month is here, though, and I want to make this one count. Let's see what's on the cards for September.


Cook 5 new dishes•
This is high on my list of priorities this month, especially since I'm living at home. Of special interest this month is expanding my savoury dishes repertoire, and writing more recipe posts. 

• Continue to pursue my love of learning •
I don't want to stop my learning with graduation, but rather keep learning every day I possibly can. I studied a load of languages (dead and alive) at school and uni, but somehow Spanish wasn't one of them, so I'm going to start learning this on Duolingo this month! I'd also like to learn some basic coding, and will be attending a couple of digital tutorial lectures this month. Anything that counts towards my 'education' in the school of life is valid this month! 

• Get serious about yoga •
This really helped me during finals, when I did at least one yoga workout a day to keep me calm and centred. This month I've been hugely inspired by Freya's #yogaeverydamnday challenge on Instagram. I'd like to buy a yoga mat and practice yoga at least three times a week. We're going to break this exercise malarkey down until I fall in love with it.

• Spend more time with my friends •
To be frank, I've been really terrible at hanging out with my friends this summer and in the last year in general, thanks to being consumed by job hunting, finals and being that girl who spends most of her time with her boyfriend. (I'm sorry!) I'm so happy that we're all living in London now, and really want to spend more regular quality time with them. 

What's on your list of things to tick off this September?

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