Touching Base #2

Lately, I've been a bit rubbish at sitting down, uploading my pictures and thinking of ideas for posts. As we've segued from summer into autumn my job hunt has become increasingly panicky, with interviews to prepare for and applications to write every day, so I've been pretty boring and housebound as a result. When I haven't been trawling the Internet for vacancies, things have been a bit happier. Here's what I've been up to this week. 

Warming my friends' new house - well, flat - at the weekend. It was so lovely to see friends from uni, meet new people and get a little bit silly on champagne that I'd been saving for such an occasion. 

Retiring my summer dresses, sandals and shorts! They're all packed away in a recess of my wardrobe until next May. Hello thick knitted jumpers and ankle boots - I've missed you.

Clicking on Miho's Lake Como posts on her blog, Wander to Wonder. I've been looking forward to every instalment of Miho's holiday, which has been transporting me to dreamy Italian shores dotted with incredible pizza, gelato fantasies and the most beautiful mountains. For more food and travel loveliness, follow the beautiful Miho on her blog, Twitter and Instagram.

Wandering through London Fields' beautiful field of wildflowers to reach Broadway Market (my next post!)

Making endless starter for my mum's sourdough loaves, and baking a couple of my own. The trick to a good rise seems to be to put the dough in a sealable container, like a Dutch oven - we've been using a deep Le Creuset casserole dish. 

Reading Howard Jacobson's Jshortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. While I couldn't put it down, I also felt that I didn't 100% understand the plot. In other book news, I'm super excited for Sophie Kinsella's next Shopaholic installment, out next Thursday. I was going to put it on my Christmas wishlist, but I'm not sure I can wait...

Craving Malaysian food and trying out C&R in Westbourne Grove. They had a good iced Milo, but sadly their nasi lemak wasn't up to scratch, and my dining guest reported that the asam laksa wasn't so hot either. Any Malaysians who know of a good place to get a fix in London, please let me know - I'm longing for pulut hitam, cendol, kuih...

Staying up late with Alex, feasting on sushi and chicken katsu curry from Hana, a fantastic Japanese takeaway near my house, and catching up on GBBO. Seriously heaven.

Listening to Alt-J's new album, This Is All Yours. It's streaming free on Spotify prior to its release next Monday - yay!

Drinking cups and cups of my favourite green tea, Yamamotoyama Premium. You can get it at most Asian supermarkets and it's quality stuff, turning the water a vibrant green rather than the more disappointing supermarket brands that produce a brownish, bitter tea. 

Watching movies that make me rethink what's important in life: Totoro (for about the fifth time), one of the best animated films ever, prioritising childhood innocence and imagination, and Richard Attenborough's incredible Gandhi. 

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