Clickable Adventures #4

Currently sipping a lemongrass tea at the original Euphorium Bakery on Upper St, pretending to research my next diss section as I have a little virtual skip around the Internet. Here's the links I loved this week.

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London is all aflutter this week about the dust in the air from the Sirocco winds from the Sahara, but the 'Great Smog of '52' puts things into perspective a bit.

Coconut cream pie chia seed pudding. Each word of that sentence fills me with joy.

How animals see the world. I'm currently in love with Nautilus - such great design and articles.

If you've been having a sad day, this animated short will brighten it up no end. Promise.

Food employed as a medium for art. So pretty.

A cocktail for the 160th Varsity Boat Race this weekend. Come on you Light Blues! Oh, and GDBO. (Yup, I understand next to zero about rowing.)

A tour around the Pinterest office! So much job envy. 

20 peaceful spots to have a read in London. I'm already a fan of 1, 3, 9, 13 and 16. Will explore the rest and report back! Reading in Keats' garden sounds particularly dreamy.

A cute dress for summer. Not that I'd get to wear it out until after May 30th (last exam!) Apparently the weather is about to take a turn for the worse again, which I'm anticipating with schadenfreude-tinged glee. I need bad weather to keep me inside with my nose stuck in a (course) book! 

I've just noticed Ruby Tandoh (of The Great British Bake-Off fame) is sitting opposite me and have now got the urge to go home and bake! Hope you have the sweetest weekend! 

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