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Mini Adventures #4

Life is a bit frantic at the moment. The weeks are rolling by far too quickly and the dreaded April 22nd and May 26th, 28th and 30th (all the deadlines and exam dates I categorically do not want to arrive) are approaching! Even so, I've been enjoying myself as much as I can with the little wiggle room I have. Here's what I've been up to in the last fortnight.

1) Reading The Fault In Our Stars. It's a weepy one. You can read my review on my book blog, Lignin and Petrichor, here. I can't wait to get into reading again - the minute my exams are over (May 30th, I'm looking at you), I'm going to bury myself in books.

2) Making a beef and potato bake. The weather's taken a turn for the cold, again. Welcome to England. This bake was the perfect comfort food. I'm planning to cook a chilli con carne tonight, 'cos it's pretty chilly out there!

3) Strolling around the back garden and enjoying the flowers while they last! We have lots of blossoms and daffodils, but they're all on the wane now.

4) Chowing down on some super tasty pizzas from Kerb for lunch on a library day with Jess! We headed down to Granary Square to sit next to the river behind King's Cross. It's a perfect lunch spot when it's sunny!

With Jess in Forbidden Planet on a separate visit. I could spend hours in that place...
5)  Exploring Forbidden Planet in Covent Garden with A. Forbidden Planet is a mecca for every fan girl and fan boy out there (it just has everything fantasy and sci-fi related - Doctor Who Oyster card holders, Legend of Zelda belt buckles, Harry Potter wands, and the most well-stocked manga section I've seen in the UK!) and in the depths of its literature-heavy basement, I discovered The Walking Dead graphic novels. I've since read my way up to chapter 100. I'm pretty sure this wasn't a good move... Then again, I've just found out I have a dissertation deadline, mock exam and revision day all in the space of three consecutive days at the start of term, so maybe tons of post-apocalyptic zombie outbreak comics are exactly what I need right now? Maybe? 

6) Eating the Byronosaurus Burger at Byron on Wardour St, accompanied by a projection of the original Godzilla film. I've always loved Byron, and I know that the burgers are the things to go there for, but at the moment I'm pretty obsessed with their salads too. Their Cobb Classic is so delicious!
7) Taking a trip to the cinema to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Oh my, the muscles on that man. Plot's actually pretty good too - some great twists which kept me gripped past the body! Also, Falcon's wing suit. Want very badly.

Photographer: Andreas Grieger
8) Seeing the press night of A's new show, Once We Lived Here, at the King's Head Theatre. More on that tomorrow!

9) Showing my Light Blue pride with my nails on Sunday for the 160th Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race. We all headed down to Putney Bridge to watch the start of the race! Sadly we lost to the Dark Blues, but it was an enjoyable evening anyway :)

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