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Mini Adventures #5

So. I've clearly been eating my stresses this week. (Kummerspeck, anyone?) Over half of my mini adventures are food-related! Pretty sure it's A's bad influence - he's come to stay with me for a couple of weeks and, being a sweet-toothed male, loves to eat at least one pudding a day. I weighed myself on Wednesday and I'm hovering around the top end of what I would consider to be my average weight range, so I might need to cut down on those puddings pretty darn soon...:P

Here's what I've been loving this week.

1) Digging into a box of Pierre Marcolini Palets Fins chocolates. Part of the joy of these chocolates is how beautifully designed they are. That typography is gorgeous, plus they're so thin that they snap in half with one bite. They only have a small amount of filling in them too, so you won't feel like a total pig if you only have one at a time. (Yup...I'm in denial). My favourites have been the Praliné Pistache Noisette and the Caramel Mangue. 
2) Watching Monkey Planet - a new BBC 3-part documentary about primates that A and I have become a wee bit obsessed with. It's amazing how closely related we are to primates. My favourite moments so far have been the scene where an orangutan mimics humans having a wash by soaping up next to a river, and the part in the second episode where presenter George McGavin (who is GREAT) uses his iPhone to demonstrate how some species of monkeys have established a proto-language. We've been snuggling down to watch it on iPlayer on Thursday evenings, and I fear I'm going to be bereft without it when it ends this Thursday...

3) Ordering pizzas late at night from Sacro Cuore, my favourite local pizza place down in Queen's Park. It's had some bad reviews regarding its customer service but I've never experienced that as I always order and pick up. Besides, the pizzas themselves are deliziose and that's all I care about! Tartufata, my pizza of choice every time I order, is the absolute bomb. 

4) Seeing the blossoms shedding on the streets. It's like walking through a Japanese anime in Queen's Park right now; pink blossom petals fall gently to the ground in the spring breeze to swirl around your feet in little eddies. I hope that was a sufficiently gagworthy description. Seriously, though, if I could get married in a grove of blossoms in the spring (somewhere warm) with petals falling all around me I totally would.

5) Trying Gü's new After Dark pots - 'Gü York Cheesecakes'! So tasty, and they were on offer. Just one of many puddings that has disappeared into my tummy this week. My life is wild, I know.

6) Hanging out at A's grandparents' place in south-east London. Their garden is so pretty, with a winding path that leads to a little semi-wooded area of bluebells. We had fun picking bay leaves for future Italian-inspired recipes and sitting in the sunshine.

7) Working chez Gail's Kitchen in Bloomsbury. I love Gail's - all the pastries are wonderful as they taste home-cooked, and they have a fair few branches around London now (including one on my doorstep in Queen's Park). For lunch I had a juicy sausage roll with tomato sauce...and then a slice of their incredible carrot cake. Ok, I have no one to blame for my pudding addiction but myself.

8) Wearing a panoply of jumpers. My house is so cold at the moment, even when it's warm and sunny outside! Walking out of the house is literally like transitioning from the dead of winter to spring. Ok so maybe this isn't the most adventuresome of the things I've done this week, but it means I'm getting an extra bit of use out of all the jumpers I'm going to have to pack away soon! (Who am I kidding...jumpers come in useful all year round in good old Blighty). This one's a favourite, bought from Topshop last autumn. And yes, although it's mercifully over-exposed, I am makeupless in this selfie. I wear very, very little makeup, if any, when it's dissertation/revision o'clock. And frankly the hair is lucky if it gets brushed.

8) Counterbalancing all that pudding eating with some healthy smoothies! Ok, maybe not totally healthy. I know drinking smoothies and juice is basically like pouring sugar down your throat. But the two I drank this week kept me hydrated, and had a few 'super' ingredients in them too, so they were hopefully better than nothing! I had a Bliss Blend from Crussh - a tasty blend of coconut, mango, pineapple and orange, 98% fat-free probiotic yoghurt and their 'bliss blend booster', a mix of vitamins and amino acids that's supposed to activate mood-improving endorphins and relax the body. I also tried out the new 'ENERGISE' drink from the Innocent Super Smoothie range. It's got guarana and flax seeds in it alongside strawberries, cherries and apple. There are much healthier green smoothies available from both Crussh and Innocent, but I clearly wasn't feeling virtuous enough this week. Clearly. Erm...maybe after exams I'll do a big detox?

A lot of these photos go straight on to my Instagram, which you can follow below if you wish to see more of my gluttonous escapades!

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