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Dissertation Binding and Dino Chocolate

I'm very happy today. Why? Well, because yesterday, I went to Tottenham Court Road to get a certain text printed and bound.

That's right! After weeks - months - of griping and grumping, my undergraduate dissertation is finally finished! I've sworn I won't look at it at all now - I like to think it's been bound and gagged. I actually had a nightmare last night where I agonised over writing 8,139 words instead of a nice round 8,140 (yup, my subconscious is that lame). Must remember that it's out of my hands now.

Sadly I'm not in much of a celebratory mood despite having finished, as I now have to throw everything I have into revising for my exams, which are a fingernail-biting mere six weeks away. While these will be the fourth set of examinations I've taken at Cambridge, they're the only ones that actually count towards my degree. Faaaantastic. So I've even asked A to change my Facebook password. Desperate times, desperate measures. With that in mind, I probably won't be able to devote the time to blogging more than once a week for now. I know it was very silly to start a blog in the middle of finals...But hopefully from June onwards I'll be back to my adventurous ways.

Here's a couple of lovely links that were thwarted from appearing in a Clickable Adventures post due to binding-related preoccupations.

I also wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter, Passover (or just a plain old happy weekend!) I was lucky enough to receive a Jurassic-themed Easter chocolate this year from best friend Jess (c/o Choccywoccydoodah). A and I have eaten his tail and many of his Smartie scales and think he's great. I was incrediblymildly obsessed with dinosaurs when I was little. My life ambition aged seven was to be a palaeontologist and my favourite thing in the world was the Diplodocus cast in the Natural History Museum foyer. I was so dino-crazy that I managed to ruin my parents' manicured little garden one soggy day by digging a load of mud up and crafting several piles of Jurassic Park-style, erm, excrement. Parents were not best pleased. Anyway. Fifteen years later, diplodocid-shaped chocolate still presses my buttons. Jess clearly knows me well! <3

Congratulations to everyone else who's finished dissertations this week, and lots of love to those still agonising over theirs. It's a long hard road, but you're so nearly there! If you're still working on yours, let me offer you a piece of advice that my mum came up with earlier this month. Think of your dissertation as a house. If you're still in note/research stage just start putting together the foundations - lay down the floorboards, construct the walls, get the windows put in. Once that's done you can start to prettify and worry about the details. You can plaster and paint those walls, put in some light fittings and carpeting, furnish the place, and clean up. It might seem unfathomable but my thousands of notes finally came together into a dissertation after months of stress, and so can yours! The moment you see the final product in front of you, printed and bound with a lovely shiny cover, is a very special one indeed.

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