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A Sparkling Birthday (With Added Dinosaurs).

At the weekend, I took a night off from studying. It culminated in sparklers on top of a hill and dinosaur stories in a blanket. Not too shabby for a revision break, eh?

 We were celebrating Anna's 22nd birthday, and started with dinner. I admit I wasn't too jazzed about this...forget stumbling across an affordable little foodie gem in Cambridge, it's chains all the way here (though I'm always pleased with Côte and Byron!) Despite my misgivings, I was quite happy overall with Anna's restaurant choice, Giraffe. My falafel and halloumi burger was good, and I loved my sweet potato fries. Must learn to make them!

The giraffe stirrers in our drinks were a nice kitschy touch too.

One of Anna's guests had a knack for origami and crafted this 'Annasaurus' for her!

I met Anna in my first week at Cambridge. During first year we took a trip to Florence to brush up our Italian and bonded over a love of gelato and visiting obscure galleries.

I loooove these lobster earrings. So quirky, I've never seen anything like them!

After dinner we headed up Castle Mound for Anna's birthday tradition: surprise fireworks orchestrated by her boyfriend Richard!

These fireworks were called 'Satan's Polar Battle' (yes, for real). So badass.

Richard whipped out a packet of sparklers after the main event, to everyone's delight...

In our early dating days, A and I climbed up Castle Mound together. I'd had a lot of post-exam cava and the world was a bit fuzzy, so we just lay in the grass on the top of the hill and looked at the clouds. It was a perfect summer day. For that reason, I get a bit sentimental when we climb the hill together, even nearly two years later, and couldn't resist a photo!

Then A got sparkler-happy. Can you read his name? :)

Mini outfit photo with my gorgeous gal Im. Doesn't she have the most amazing shiny waterfall of hair? Also, detailed tops, bright blue jeans and black jackets are clearly the way to go for casual birthday gatherings! My top is from Topshop, my trusty leather jacket is Urban Outfitters (similar here) and my jeans are from ACNE

After fireworks we moseyed back to Anna's room for homemade strawberry vanilla smoothies and to play a few games. 

Check out Anna's earring collection. Isn't it wonderful? Note to self to buy or make a good jewellery holder! Also, I love Anna's flower arrangements. Reminds me of a spa sanctuary - these floating blooms make me feel so holistic and calm!

Once we had our smoothies, we cocooned ourselves in blankets and started playing a storytelling game (don't think I've played one in years). We wove a ripping yarn about an Irish Brontosaurus with a penchant for composing limericks. The limerick that won the dino the most success went like this:

There once was a young brontosaurus,
Whose memory for words was quite porous.
'Oh don't be absurd, it's only a word.'
So he gave up and used a thesaurus.

(Limerick by A, of course. Who else would come up with those rhymes?)

Our storytelling was interspersed with balloon fights, which I won't post here because things got a wee bit rowdy. Though balloon violence is definitely the only acceptable form of violence, don't you agree?

We unearthed the One Ring among Anna's endless gewgaws and A got a bit excited.

Here he is doing his best preciousssss Gollum impression, which I can barely look at without bursting out laughing.

I reckon the best nights end with a Lord of the Rings impersonation.

How was your Bank Holiday weekend?

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