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Finals Motivation

I know there's a lot of bloggers out there who, like me, are gearing up for finals. After 17+ years in full-time education and battling our way through five or six consecutive years of important summer exams, freedom is finally on the horizon. But there's some pesky obstacles we've got to get past first...

My final university exams start in just 12 days and to be frank, I'm scared s**tless senseless. Yes, I've taken uni-level exams three times before, but for the first time, this set counts towards my final grade. It's especially stressful because at my university they have a lovely tradition of putting everyone's exam grades up in the centre of town, so anyone can go and look up your results. This has my body and mind going a bit crazy. Here's just a few of my exam symptoms:
  • A sudden bout of insomnia which means I've been listening to all the 'Sleep' playlists on Spotify. In the morning, I discover the imprints of my fingernails in my palms - little souvenirs from a fitful sleep of tooth-grinding and fist-clenching.
  • Abnormal social media behaviour: My Twitter is littered with numerous obscure art historical bits and pieces as well as tweets that betray my slow descent into revision madness. Oh, and I've quit Facebook for the first time in 7 years. Possibly indefinitely.
  • I resemble a mole. I have a puffy face from lack of sleep, squint whenever I come into contact with daylight (rare) and spend the bulk of my time in a cave crafted from highlighters, practice essays, and tears.
Guys, finals are not pretty. Unsurprisingly. My face is physical proof of this. So, fellow final-taking ladies and gents out there, this post is a final push for you to make the most of these last few days and do the best you possibly can. (Ok, it's a push for me too).

Let's do this!

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Have you been through finals? I'd love to know how you coped with them! It's so good to know that there's light on the other side of all this.

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