Clickable Adventures #2

Happy Friday, everyone! :) As I mentioned yesterday, this week has been a serious one for procrastination. Have a look at what I've been buzzing over on my trusty MacBook!

Still from Out of Sight
An adorable animation about a little blind girl who discovers her own ways of seeing. I think this should be compulsory viewing - it made me feel so grateful for a faculty I tend to take for granted. 

The Strand Books Tumblr. Meaningful quotes and things found in books. I love.

Maps made out of food. I love how Britain (and the Republic of Ireland) is made out of biscuits...

A pen that can write 1.7m a day for seven years. I could be 29 by the time I'm done with this bad boy.

How to make your own chia pudding. Super excited to try this - I'm addicted to the chia pudding at Le Pain Quotidien!

10 tips for growing a kitchen garden. Can't wait to have my own little green space!

Tips for looking photo-ready. Must remember these to avoid looking too rodent-esque in photos.

The most beautifully clear waters in the world. Oh, and 80% of these waters feature on white, sandy beaches in the tropics. See? It's impossible to avoid wanderlust when links like this insist on smacking me in my pallid face.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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