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We're all mad here.

Let me introduce you to the bane of my life. It's nightmarish. A constant source of guilt. An insurmountable mountain of Himalayan proportions that I haven't even begun to chip away at. This monster is my dissertation - a 9000 word thesis worth 28% of my final grade, which I'm writing on  the paintings of Édouard Manet, widely credited as the father of modern art. 

Lent Term has just ended, so I'm spending the bulk of my time holed up in libraries, clutching books which may or may not help me in my quest for knowledge, generally looking desperate and ungroomed. Cutting to the chase, I haven't got a lot of time to embark on adventures at the moment (though when I get a moment I want to tell you all about my foodie weekend in London!) For now, though, I just wanted to share the best book title I found while digging through the stacks of the University Library for Manet-related texts yesterday.

Yep guys, you read that correctly. Rebel in a frock coat. 


Nope, I can't take Manet seriously any more either.

Soooooooo. My sense of humour may have become a little skewed since I started spending all my time with books. Or perhaps mild insanity is symptomatic of Oxbridge/University life. Ah well... *Dives back into sea of books*

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