Pancake Day!

So I have no intentions for this to be a purely food blog (though I do eat a lot of food!) but today is Pancake Day, and so pancakes must feature!

I was so excited about the prospect of making eating pancakes that I speed-cycled home from lectures like a demon. When I got home my housemates were flipping up a storm!

We had pancakes with nutella and raspberries, berries and honey, and melted chocolate chips and banana. I'd had a ton with lemon and sugar when A was visiting on Monday, but that didn't stop me from polishing off a few more.

My creative skills soon came out. This particular pancake is based on the 'glossy eyebrow' look that featured on the Carven runway at Paris Fashion Week.

Things got quite silly soon after that.

This probably isn't doing wonders for my crêpe-utation. (Right...I'll stop now.)

Happy Pancake Day - hope you have as much fun making and eating pancakes as I did today!