How do you define 'adventure'?

My idea of an adventure is probably quite different to the one you might be imagining right now. I can promise you straight away that there won't be any swashbuckling pirate-infested voyages or tales of epic quests across Middle-Earth to be found here. Not unless they're confined to the pages of a book. I'm afraid I'm too much of a wimp to go off gallivanting, Elder Scrolls-style. Apologies.

Let's have a quick look at the actual word 'adventure'. It dates back to the Anglo-Norman and Old French aventur, aventour or aventure, meaning destiny, fate or a chance event (11th century). Having had a peruse of the OED definitions of the word, my favourite interpretation is this one: 'A remarkable or unexpected event, or series of events, in which a person participates as a result of chance; a novel or exciting experience.' That's more like it! I want to dedicate this blog to the experiences that excite and inspire me. My choice of adjective, meanwhile, should be read in both senses of the word - a 'certain' adventure refers to each individual post I want to narrate, while it will also be 'certain' or guaranteed that it'll be an adventure! Ok, word geekery over.

So why did I start this blog? My backlog of blogs is actually shamefully long. I definitely had more Blogspots than boyfriends in my teens. Older and wiser (maybe), I'd like to move my proper posts back here from my beloved Tumblr. And here's my reasons:

1) I've wanted to start a lifestyle blog for quite a while now. The aforementioned backlog included a movie review blog, a 'mixtape'-style blog relating contemporary earworms to contemporary crushes, and a (very short-lived) style blog. I'm hoping that a general lifestyle blog about whatever's currently taking my fancy might be more Tamsin.

2) I take a ton of pictures. This might be blamed on my Asian heritage, the proliferation of images that surround me in my art history degree or the fact that I was extremely into photography for a while (I started out with a Canon 600D and have since moved on to a more mid-level trusty 60D). Anyway, it'll be great to finally have somewhere to upload them, complete with a bit of narrative on the side!

Playing around with a camera that is most definitely not mine...

3) I'm also a packrat, as my boyfriend lovingly labelled me when we were first dating. I have a penchant for squirrelling images and information away to my Evernote and Pinterest. Like the photos, I now finally have somewhere to put them, and hopefully they'll be of interest to anyone who stumbles upon my blog!

4) Most importantly...I'm moving back to London! Soon, anyway. Yesterday it suddenly struck me that in less than four months, I'll be standing in a furry gown, graduating. (Eek!) Cambridge, where I'm living currently, is, of course, extremely pleasant. If you haven't visited before, it's a dreamy little town dotted with college spires, the meandering river Cam and the Backs, which hum with flowers and wildlife in the spring. (Just last week I helped disentangle a baby deer from a fence. Yes, I know.) Unfortunately Cambridge is mainly dominated by chains - though are some lovely places to have cake or tea too, which I'd love to introduce you to. But this move back to the Big Smoke is immensely exciting, because it means I get to tootle around London hunting down all the cool things, and with renewed purpose!

At the Blitz Party in Shoreditch!
I hope you enjoy the blog and I'll try not to ramble so much next time!

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