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Walking along the River

So I finally left my housebound cocoon of dissertation activity on Sunday and went for a little wander in and around Cambridge! It was the perfect day for it - sunshiny and warm, the kind of Sunday that just makes you feel happy inside.

A and I stopped off at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology on our way down to the river to have a peek at the curiosities in their cabinets.

There were some very scary Mexican Day of the Dead figurines, but these ones were almost cute and so colourful!

We skipped out of the museum after having an explore of the Fijian exhibits and strolled down to the river. Classic Cambridge - the banks were packed with tourists. No chance of a little patch of grass to sunbathe on, so A and I strolled further down river.

There were ducks a plenty on the river, looking extremely twitterpated. 'Tis the season.

We were a tiny bit twitterpated too. Or maybe I was just so enthralled by the prospect of oxygen and actual sunlight (after having been cooped up in my dark little kitchen all week) that, after I fell in love with this little brook, we managed to walk all the way down the river without taking any pictures at all!

The walk to Grantchester takes a good hour from the city centre, so when we arrived in the village, it was high time for lunch! A and I were already dead set on lunch at a little regular of ours, The Green Man. It's a beautiful little medieval pub with great food and a lovely outside area which is just made for sunny days like these. It's also just a stone's throw away from the entrance to the village after the Meadows so grumpy little females with hungry bellies can be fed quickly! Not like me at all.

We both opted for standard pub fare. A plumped for a burger with Monterey Jack cheese and bacon, complete with fries, onion rings and salad. I might have nicked a couple of his fries.

I went for a perfectly cooked cod and chips with tartar sauce and mushy peas. And ate every last little bite. Loved how they came on a bed of newspaper - almost like the good old days when chippies used to wrap fish and chips up in that day's papers!

After lunch, we ambled back through Newnham village to reach the river, buying a few cups of tea off some enterprising children who'd set up a mini tea and lemonade stall in their front garden! It was starting to get chilly by mid-afternoon. Cleverly I'd forgotten that it was March, so had got my legs out rather prematurely - and optimistically - so a cup of tea was exactly what I needed.

Back near Cambridge, we went to check out some local buildings on the riverfront and I had a little moment gazing out at the willows by the water.

If I were a poet, I'd have dug my notebook out there and then for sure.

A and the puffy-eyed finalist.

When summer is here, and exams are but a distant, if horrifying memory, you can bet I'll be gallivanting all over the place without a care in the world! Bring on June!

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